Entering a dream with Pipilotti Rist

The Pipilotti Rist exhibition Sip My Ocean held at the Museum of Contemporary Art earlier this year still lingers in my mind.

The rooms of the MCA were transformed by light, film and sculptural installations to create a poetic and powerful experience.  Escaping into this alluring world the assumptions of reality were beautifully shifted and a new view of the world was offered – a task of most art, yet rarely achieved.

In her exhibitions Rist provides the audience space to enter into a dimension and to coexist within the frame of the art by lying and sitting within these worlds. Through the experiential nature Rist conveys her message of reality as an illusion and cultural construct.


The viewer is valued as an essential participant in the process of art making. Rather than a bystander the audience is trusted and a relationship of give and take is developed, with each room further drawing the viewer into her otherworldly imagination. Presenting our integral part as actors within the biological world, Rist shows our bodies are part of the ecosystem and on par with other life forms.

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