Pip Bishop’s intent is to create honest and raw work, which explores profound contemplation, memory and vulnerability. The philosophies of awareness and presence, strong gestural intonation and the rhythmic, dance like process of creation, inculcates into an authentic and prolific output which speaks directly from an internal dimension of certainty and necessity.
 The works are palpably preoccupied with contemplative creating, looking and discovering through a meditative state, the fluidly expended repetition of organic motifs and curved lines express an internalised dialogue which unravels along a meandering line, through paint to solve a puzzle while turning around multiple ideas held in her mind, round and around, ruminating and pondering. While simultaneously being present to memory, digression and the nurturing of her own spirit. With each work the spirit unfurls and loosens, the soul making space for the mind to find stillness in repetition. Telling a story of continuation in life’s circumstances and her work creates a personal folklore of past experiences.The movement and forms reflect a spirit that cannot be confined, and a life that is not linear; each experience as a woman is linked to the moon, the cycles, the tides and seasons and acknowledge the essence of female sensibility.

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